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zehabesha daily news today 2021

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The zehabesha is the Indian cryptocurrency, a type of digital currency that’s used for online payments and trade. It’s also known as the “Mint” or the “Indian dollar.” It’s the equivalent of Bitcoin in the United States.

The zehabesha is now available on the cryptocurrency exchanges. A person can now use it to buy and sell goods and services in India and worldwide. It is a decentralized digital currency, and not regulated by law.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, just announced that the country will soon launch its own cryptocurrency. It’s called the Union Budget and will be announced in January. India has been one of the most active cryptocurrency markets in the world. However, the cryptocurrency landscape in India is still relatively new.

All my friends are saying that the new rules will be like a new drug. This is one of the most important things in life. We can’t stop thinking about where we live, how we live, how our lives are going to go out there. We are not going to stop thinking about what we would do without the government. We are going to keep thinking.

The new rules are basically the same as the old ones. It is going to happen in a completely different way. But the fact that it is happening, makes it more exciting. And in a way, it is even more exciting than that. The new rules will be like a new drug. It is going to really help you to get addicted to your life, and in some cases, it will literally help you to die.

One thing we know for sure is that this new drug will be addictive. The government will probably make the pill addictive by force, but at least we will be able to find out how this drug works, and we will definitely be able to know that the government is out to get us. We are going to be so addicted to this new drug that it will start to affect our minds.

Some people have called this “the zombie drug”, some “the zombie movie”, and a few even “the new zombie movie”. A zombie drug is an alcoholic or alcoholic-like substance that is made to mimic the effects of alcohol and other substances that make people addicted to them. It is very similar to the way alcohol works in addiction, but people may or may not find it as addictive.

The government is trying to eradicate us from the face of the Earth. This is where the zombie theory comes in. A zombie drug is a new-age drug that simulates the effects of alcohol, nicotine, and other substances that make people addicted to them.

And since it has been deemed that people who consume or use zehabesha daily are likely to become zombies, the government is taking the next step: They are building a zombie drug that is so potent that our bodies become infected and we turn into a zombie. The government wants to give them an addictive drug that will turn us into zombies.

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