Can’t Get Rid of Plagiarism? – Here Is the Solution

Plagiarism is considered a sin in writing, especially in academic and content writing. Therefore, avoiding plagiarism is essential if you want your content to achieve whatever your goals are. But bypassing the plagiarism test is really difficult as many online plagiarism checker tools use AI to locate plagiarism of every kind. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get rid of plagiarism.

If you are tired of unintentional, intentional, or any other kind of plagiarism, read this article till the end. This article will help you learn some easy ways to make your content 100% unique. Let’s start with the first and most helpful way.

Write Content Yourself

If you have the assignment to write on a topic, you should do your research from multiple sources and write the whole paper or assignment yourself. This practice will not only hone your writing skills but also help you curate unique content. In addition, writing by yourself will enhance your knowledge about the topic. Therefore many experts and teachers advise students to generate content themselves, not copy others. This practice can assist them in avoiding plagiarism. 

Collect Material from Multiple Sources

When students use just one or two sources to collect all the information about a topic, they may plagiarize the content without their intentions. That’s why they need to gather data from multiple sources. It can help them better understand the concepts as well as enhance vocabulary.

Besides that, when you research data from a single source it means you just have a chunk of knowledge about that topic. And you cannot write enough, there is also a possibility your words get matched with that content. 

So collecting data from multiple sources can be helpful. When you visit multiple sources you collect enough information about the topic and can easily write in your own words.

Use Paraphrasing Method

Sometimes students are stuck at a point and don’t see any way out to write about a topic. That’s where they copy others’ content, make some modifications, and submit the content. This practice can reduce their burden for a while, but, in the end, it can be more harmful to them. Usually, a bit of modification cannot do the job. Instead, they need to paraphrase the entire content to remove plagiarism. 

If you are unaware of the term paraphrasing, let’s learn what it is. Paraphrasing is a writing technique in which writers gather the main idea from the content and write them in their own style or words. While paraphrasing the content, they can also eliminate the unimportant details that they think are useless. However, the context of the writing must be the same. 

If you are good at paraphrasing, you can do it yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have good writing skills or you have a short time to submit the task, get help from online tools. An online paraphrasing tool can help to make your content unique and improve its structure and tone by rewriting. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to use these tools to avoid plagiarism. Remember, when you paraphrase content using an online paraphraser,  you should proofread the content to check that it is making the same sense that the actual content has.

Always Check Plagiarism Before Submission

Whether you have written the entire content yourself or got some help from the copy-pasting method, the chances of plagiarism are always there. That’s why you must check plagiarism before submitting your work. When you put your content in any anti plagiarism tool, it scans your content and compares it with the content published on other websites. If the plagiarism tool finds any similarities it will highlight that portion of the content. 

So after knowing which portions of content have similarities, you can rewrite and make your assignments unique before submission. 

Use Quotation Marks

Quotation marks are also very helpful in avoiding plagiarism, especially in academic writing. When you use them, you directly credit the real author and mention that the words are not yours. However, you should avoid adding many direct quotes to your writing to escape plagiarism. It can leave a bad impression.

Final Words

Avoiding plagiarism is essential for every student, whether they are writing essays, academic assignments, website content, or social media posts. However, getting rid of it isn’t easy if you don’t know the tricks. To escape that problem, you can follow the ways mentioned in this article. All of them are genuine, legal, and ethical. If you bypass plagiarism using these tips, no one can reject your work on the basis of plagiarism.


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