5 Best Men’s Hat To Wear For Summer 2022

Hats are generally a clothing accessory that can be worn all year round. The only thing that changes is the hat’s style during various seasons.

During the winter season, you’d need a hat to keep the heat in and make your head warm. However, in summer, you need a big hat that can offer your head and face protection from the sun.

In this article, we’ll go through the best men’s hats you can wear for summer in 2022.

Getting a Hat For Summer: What You Should Look Out For

Summer is the season of the year that comes with a lot of sun and heat. So, If you are shopping for a hat you can wear for summer, your primary motive should be getting a hat that can offer you protection from the sun. 

In addition, since it’s going to be hot, there are chances you’d most likely feel more heat when wearing a hat. So it would be best if you had a hat that doesn’t keep heat in.

The best set of summer hats should be lightweight, fit comfortably and, most importantly, protect your face from the sun. A hat with a wide brim makes a good sun-shield.

Best Men’s Hat To Wear For Summer 2022

Summer Straw Hats For Men

Straw hats are one of the best men’s hats to wear for summer in 2022. This is because straw hats are made out of natural or synthetic thin Straw. 

Other features of Straw hats that make them the best summer hats for men are their extreme lightweight and how comfortably they fit. And Straw hats do the job of protecting your face from the sun as well.

Furthermore, Straw hats don’t allow heat build-up on your head while wearing them. Instead, it is breathable and helps keep your head cool.

The straw Fedora and Panama hats are the most popular types of men’s straw hat designs.

Fedora Hat

Fedoras are generally hats that have a soft brim and an indented crown. Fedoras are classic hats. They are best combined or worn with a suit or formal attire. A fedora straw hat is the best to wear for a formal occasion/event during summer

Panama Hat

Panama hats are made of lightweight material, and they have a wide brim. These features make them one of the best summer hats for you to wear. While wearing the Panama hat, you don’t need to worry about the summer sun. 

Panama straw hats are best worn casually for vacations and leisure. However, you can decide to rock your Panama hat with formal attire. There’s no fashion rule against that.

Summer Dress Hats for Men

Do you have a formal event, or do you love dressing formally? Then, the summer dress hats are what you need to add to your hat collections. Unlike the Panama hat, there’s a fashion rule against wearing dress hats in casual clothes.

Unlike straw hats, dress hats are made of felt or wool. This material retains heat and can make you feel uncomfortable under a glaring sun. So, it is best to wear a dress hat on relatively less hot days and during evenings. 

The classic fedora dress hats are the best types in this category.

The Classic Fedora Dress Hats

These are the most popular type of summer dress hats for men. As their name implies, the classic fedora hat gives you a classy look and completes your formal look effortlessly.

Suppose you have any summer evening events and need something to spice up your formal look. Then, the classic fedora dress hat is just right to pull off that stunning look.

Bucket Hats For Men

Since fedora straw and classic dress hats are the recommended summer hats for formal and suit wear.  What hat can you wear in a casual outfit this summer? Bucket Hats!

Bucket hats are one of the most desired summer hats for casual wear. If you are a big fan of casual vibes, you don’t need Panama or a fedora. All you need is a nice bucket hat to match your casual styles. 

Bucket hats have a small brim size but enough to protect your face while in the sun. 

Summer Caps

Do you want to look cool and simple? Wear a cap. Caps are one of the easiest and most common types of hats. Virtually every man has one or two hats.  Caps have an extended visor in front that helps to protect your face from the sun.

Like bucket hats, caps are also one of the best hats you can use to rock a casual outfit. Fedora and Panama are for suits and anything formal.

Wear your cap on shorts, put on a round tee, and dark sunshades, and you are set for summer games. However, when choosing your cap, you should leave out caps made of leather, sheepskin, or suede materials. They’re heat-treating. Instead, you can go for caps made with breathable or lightweight material.

An example of caps you can rock for summer is the men’s trucker hat. Trucker hats are quite popular. It seems they were specifically designed for summer wear. This is because its rear half is made of mesh which makes it perfectly breathable.

Wide brim Sun Hat

Do you love to spend most of your time outdoors? Or do you need a hat for your summer vacation? The wide-brim Sun hat is all you need. You can do a wide range of outdoor summer activities like hiking, hunting, mountaineering, etc., comfortably with this hat.

Its wide brim shields not only your face but your neck and ears as well from the sun while you are outdoors. In most cases, it comes with a chin cord. This chin cord helps you fasten this hat on your head while you carry out your activities.


Hats are a simple piece of clothing accessory. However, choosing the right hat can be a bit of a task. But in this article, we’ve covered the best hats you can wear this summer. You can wear Panama straw and Classic Fedora dress hats for your summer formal wear. Bucket hat and caps for your casual wear. Then, if you want to do some outdoor summer activities, go for the wide-brim Sun hat.

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